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Banner scans from [profile] boku_nari_no
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( May. 9th, 2010 06:12 pm)
The truth is I'm pretty proud of all the dramas I've watched XD; Ok so it's not the biggest list in the world but I like being able to say I've watched all this. It's actually a bit sad that I've been able to put so much time in to watching dramas. Haha oh well!

It's listed in order from most recent on...

Dramas I've watched and am watching... )
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 09:20 pm)
It's Bunichi's birthday!  :O  How could I forget?!  Well I did.  It's still the 5th here though.  I'm too lazy to do anything for him though so... just happy birthday to him!  He's 21 now, ooooooold man.  I hope he has lots of good luck this year :D  Even more than last year.

Anyway I have more of the pamplet scanned...

I have to work tomorrow, I hate working.  Boooooo hissssssss.  This really could be it for the scanning for now...
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 02:00 pm)
I feel like it's been so long since I posted but in fact it's only been a day!  I've been trying to scan my pamphlet but after only scanning the first part of it I'm sick of it already so I'm putting it off and it might take me a while ^.^;

But here's what I have done so far.... )
So that's basically all I've been doing.  That and going crazy over K8 and their new song and show!!

D: What I should be doing is reading for my class!

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( Sep. 21st, 2008 08:11 pm)
 think last year around this time I was swearing that I'd never ever do birthday posts for idols because after all what's the point?  It's a litrle early but it's the 22nd in Japan now and I don't think I'll get the chance to post when it's the 22nd in both places soooooo...  Hina/Subaru (+3BAKA) picpam!  Ok?  Ok!  XP
So that's the picspam!  I think it should be obvious by now why HinaBu is my favorite pairing :D
Or something XD

Anime/Manga Stuff )VIZ Shojo Beat manga
Punch 1
Cain Saga 1
High School Debut 1-2 (buy both for $9)
Godchild 1-3 (buy all for $13)
Tail of the Moon 1-2 (buy both for $9)
Aishiteruze Baby 1-5 (buy all for $22)
Skip Beat 1-4 (buy all for $18)

Other Manga
Tenshi ja Nai 1-4  $7 ea., $24 for all
Soul Rescue 1 $5
Satisfaction Guaranteed 1 $5
X- DAY 1-2 COMPLETE $5 ea., $9 for both
Afterschool Nightmare $7
Tactics 1-2 (ADV) $6 ea, $10 for both
Your and My Secret 1 (ADV) $6
Night of the Beasts 1 $7

Boys Love- Yaoi
Challengers 1-2 $7 ea., $12 for both
Beyond my Touch $8
Ill Gato Sul G 1-2 $8 ea, $15 for both

Air Gear vols 1-3 (3 is still wrapped in plastic!) $8 ea. $22 for all

Unfortunately these magazines do NOT have furoku with them and some of them even have their posters pulled out, if you would like to know anything about any particular magazine (like if a certain something is in it or if it still has it's posters) just ask!

Animage from May, June, July, November and December 2006 $4 ea.  If you buy more than one there will be a discount.

PASH! From August and September 2006 $4 ea $7 for both

Animedia from April, June, August and December 2006 $3 ea. multiple issues discounted.

NEWTYPE Romance Summer and Fall 2006, Winter 2007. $5 ea. multiple issues discounted.

I also have issues of NEWTYPE USA from 2006/2007.  I had pictures but I seem to have lost them!  Well if anyone might be interested just tell me and I'll find out which ones I have...

For the rules of the sale look at the bottom of the post :)Live Action Stuff )

Toku and Idol magazines
Toei Hero MAX vols 20 and 21 (these magazines have awesome photoshoots and are in really good condition!) $6 ea
Cool-Up vol 2, Cast Prix (not sure what vol), Hero Vision 20 ALL $6

Slightly damaged magazines
These ones have creases from being scanned so they're discounted.
Cast Prix- This one has a page ripped in the D-BOYS section- $4
Hero Vision vol 25- bent spine- $4
hm3 MEN'S SPECIAL- This is a voice actors magazine, the spine is bent but it's a very big and nice magazine and only the back cover is bent- $6
Newtype THE LIVE- bent spine- $5

Photobooks and Other
Clock Up: Kamen Rider Kabuto second character book (photobook) $14
TeniMyu Absolute King first service pamplet (the cover is a little bit scratched) $15
Araki Photo book (not wrapped in plastic) $16
Suzuki and Seto photo books (still wrapped in the plastic they came in!) $18

I don't have a picture of it at the moment but I have the TeniMyu Absolute King First Service DVD.  My price for it is $65 (the original price was more than 9000 yen).  I got it from an auction site but as long as I've had it I haven't opened it.  If you'd like to see a picture before paying I can do that ^.^; I just can't at the moment.

Rules and stuff:
1. I take paypal and money though the mail (at your own risk), I really prefer paypal if it's possible.
2. My feedback post is here. (Yes the feedback there is all very old, I haven't had a sale in more than a year and 1/2 but don't worry I haven't changed XD)
3. These prices are without shipping.  I use the cheapest shipping possible though.  I track what I send too so I can make sure it gets where it's going!
4. My e-mail address is:  Please e-mail me with any questions!
5. You can order in the comments or just e-mail me.
6. The prices are not totally final, I'm usually willing to talk about the price :)
EDIT 7. I'm very sorry but my paypal account isn't the type that lets me do invoices so you'll just have to send the payment to my address:  It would also be helpful if you include in the message what you are paying for.
The scans are pretty late this month cos I've been busy with school!  But here they are anyway :D  Some of them are really messed up this time, I tried to fix them but I probably just made them worse D:

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( Apr. 21st, 2008 10:39 pm)

I scanned some Kansai Juniors, Gokusen and Battery pages from May Wink Up, Potato and Duet here.

The scans aren't the best, I messed up on some of them real bad but here they are anyway! :-)
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( Mar. 30th, 2008 06:20 pm)
Waaaaaa I've spent like the last two days putting this entry together D:

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( Aug. 6th, 2006 02:14 pm)
This is now a feedback post.  Please post feedback here!

The first posts are posts from a sale though.  Feedback starts near the bottom.