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([personal profile] subaru Oct. 5th, 2008 02:00 pm)
I feel like it's been so long since I posted but in fact it's only been a day!  I've been trying to scan my pamphlet but after only scanning the first part of it I'm sick of it already so I'm putting it off and it might take me a while ^.^;

Hey!Say!7WEST is a pretty cute group huh? XD  And they got a ton of pages too o.o  Actually I just realized I missed a few, I'll add them here later.  I also have all of BAD and some text parts scanned but I haven't fixed them up yet :-/
So that's basically all I've been doing.  That and going crazy over K8 and their new song and show!!

D: What I should be doing is reading for my class!


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these pics are great XD thanks for taking the time to scan them. kami-chan should wear more stripes instead of solid colors.

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Fujii is going to grow up to be ridiculously hot, I can just tell. Kamiyan looks like he's trying to be badass in the second scan.

These boys are so adorable. Thank you for scanning!

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Gahhh I know, whenever I look at Fujii all I can think of is how hot he'll be in like 5 years.

You're welcome!

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Thank you! (*_*) They are so adorable! (*_*)

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Thanks for scanning those amazing pages. ♥ Kami-chan

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Thank you very much!!!
I am always looking for the scan of this pamphlet

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*fangirls over Daiki and Nozomu*

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waai~ HS7W scans !!! Thanks for the scans !!! I love it !!! :D

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It's kind of you that you scaned and shared your pamphlet. Arigatou na ^^ I remember your photo sets scanning.

Of course, Hey!Say!7WEST is a pretty cute group.
Yuma-chan, Ryusei, Kami-chan, Daiki, Kottaki .. akk~~~ >"<
I really want this pamphlet but there was nobody went to the concert, so I couldn't order. TT-TT

I love Yuma's first pic. I prefer to see his smile, that's so cute >< love him a lot ♥

Ryusei~ I love him also. Both of his pics looked good. I like a white neckerchief. (I'm being crazy about neckerchief xD Yep It's winter!)

For Kami-chan, I prefer first pic. uhm.. I think I absolutely like SMILE, confirmed by pictures of Yuma and Kami-chan.

I like Daiki Shigeoka because he always has a beautiful smile, so I like both of his pics. He looked great with his smile and hairstyle and clothes xD everything

Nozomu-kun is adorable. He is a personable boy.

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LOL ~~ !!

RYUSEI really cute XD

thanks a lot for sharing ! <3