think last year around this time I was swearing that I'd never ever do birthday posts for idols because after all what's the point?  It's a litrle early but it's the 22nd in Japan now and I don't think I'll get the chance to post when it's the 22nd in both places soooooo...  Hina/Subaru (+3BAKA) picpam!  Ok?  Ok!  XP

Erm I feel like I have to organize these in some way... how about we start at the beach?

Um I don't think this is really the beach, looks more like a  desert XD Oh well... Now to the beach!

Well they look like they're heading to the beach don't they?

With Tsubasa...

But they can't be at the beach all the time... they have to work sometimes! (gah stupid I know >.>)

So cute <3

With Nino and Aiba :)

Look at how close Hina and Subaru are in the bath picture o.O

Now on to... random photo shoots :D


Yes, it's true that in the last few years they've been lessening their fanservice... they've found other people to whore around with and such T.T But of course HinaBu still exists!  So some pics from the last few years...


Ok fine the first one is a little old :-/

Now some random screencaps!

Ok it's totally hard to tell here but they were walking around holding hands XD

This episode was just so cute XD  They played pingpong together...

This was another one that was hard to catch!  It's from the Gakibara where Subaru was being all depressed and stuff.  I swear, he clung to Hina the whole time!  It's just hard to see :P

In the first one Subaru looks so tiny!

This is my favorite thing ever!  Subaru hates eating fish with lots of little bones in them so Hina has to pick them out for him.  Yeah I think that's all I need to say :DDD
So that's the picspam!  I think it should be obvious by now why HinaBu is my favorite pairing :D
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