This month I was only able to get Potato and Wink Up.  The Kansai Junior pages from Myojo have been scanned already anyway.  If no one does Duet by the end of the month I might have it by then.  Again this month I didn't scan the BAD pages from Wink Up because I've seen them in other places but I did do the pages from Potato cos they were really cute!  As always sorry about the cruddy quality :(


Kansai Juniors

Comments: The Gokusen related pages this month were really nice, I loved the Takaki and BAD pages.  So many of them too!  Ah well this is probably one of the last times there will be a shoot with them in it.  Yuma had another nice shoot this month.  Yamamoto Dan looked a lot like Nino this month in both magazines!  Ryuta in a dress O.o and Fujii down at the bottom... his hair is a bit messed up :-/

Wink Up

Kansai Juniors

Comments: Wow Potato had more pages for Kansai Jrs than Wink Up did this month!  At first when I saw Daichi's hair I didn't like it but the more I look at it, I don't think it looks so bad.  Hey!Say!WEST's page is cute :D  Yuma is back with him for the first time in months.  In the Kusu/Backes/Shigeoka ect. group, Kusumoto is getting pretty mature looking!  I mean, I used to look at him and not at all be able to think of what he'd look like when he was older (I thought he'd stay little and precious forever XD) but now I kind of can.  For the newish juniors page, I thought it was a little mean that they put Eiju on but not his brother!  Also it's a terrible picture of Jo but what else is new...

This is my first time posting them in this way so if the links are messed up please tell me

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