think last year around this time I was swearing that I'd never ever do birthday posts for idols because after all what's the point?  It's a litrle early but it's the 22nd in Japan now and I don't think I'll get the chance to post when it's the 22nd in both places soooooo...  Hina/Subaru (+3BAKA) picpam!  Ok?  Ok!  XP

Erm I feel like I have to organize these in some way... how about we start at the beach?

Um I don't think this is really the beach, looks more like a  desert XD Oh well... Now to the beach!

Well they look like they're heading to the beach don't they?

With Tsubasa...

But they can't be at the beach all the time... they have to work sometimes! (gah stupid I know >.>)

So cute <3

With Nino and Aiba :)

Look at how close Hina and Subaru are in the bath picture o.O

Now on to... random photo shoots :D


Yes, it's true that in the last few years they've been lessening their fanservice... they've found other people to whore around with and such T.T But of course HinaBu still exists!  So some pics from the last few years...


Ok fine the first one is a little old :-/

Now some random screencaps!

Ok it's totally hard to tell here but they were walking around holding hands XD

This episode was just so cute XD  They played pingpong together...

This was another one that was hard to catch!  It's from the Gakibara where Subaru was being all depressed and stuff.  I swear, he clung to Hina the whole time!  It's just hard to see :P

In the first one Subaru looks so tiny!

This is my favorite thing ever!  Subaru hates eating fish with lots of little bones in them so Hina has to pick them out for him.  Yeah I think that's all I need to say :DDD
So that's the picspam!  I think it should be obvious by now why HinaBu is my favorite pairing :D

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Dont you know? Maru is dating hina, it's all over recommen! Poor yoko, he tries to hide his jealousy over this (although whether he's jealous over maru or hina i guess it's up to you XD), but it's just so obvious. i still say they should all just have one big orgy and solve everything. everyone wins that way!

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so muchhhhh?!
omg thankssss
but, can anyone upload it in mf or mu??
my connections really suck these few days... T T
sorry if i'm too much asking...

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Awwww how cute are they. ♥ Thank you very much for the picspam! :D

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Thank youu!! These are so so so so cuuute!
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Aww, they're so cute. Thanks for sharing!

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the truth is, before, i can never imagine hina/baru..
now, i see the love~

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Soooo cute, this is the good thing about eito, so much love always going around. thanks for this! I suddenly feel the need to do a yokohina picspam now XD and update my old sanbaka picspam cause I got alot of new pics for that one.

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Aww so cute~, i love this pic spam XD
btw do you have this pic in bigger size and in hq? XD :)

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gah, that episode of gakibara.. the second cap, I saw his hand was like, where the heck is he!? lol. poor thing.

The yukatas and where they're wearing all black are my favorites. It's nice to see oldies! Thank you for sharing!

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Ahahahaha That's adorable. Ya know, I had never really thought about the HinaBu pairing before this. Now I think it might be my favourite Subaru-involved Kanjani8 pairing because nothing beats OhYass

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nfafdhjehkjsfhksnfhLNHDEKNXUAGDUG LOVE ♥
This picspam just made my day~
Thank you so much for doing it! I ADORE these 2 together, seriously. I can't help but squee whenever I see a picture of them together<3
Id didn't have some, so I saved them =)
Thanks again.
HinaBaru = ♥

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chibi! Hina & Subaru are so cute! ahsgdhasgdhka;
happy birthday Babu <3

and thank u for sharing :)

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This is so so cute! In the sparkly orgies that is Eito I don't think I've ever realised how great those two are together &hearts

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My favorite OTP!!^^
Yours too??^o^

So cute^^
Thank you.....

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the one in the desert, if i'm not mistaken, it's in Red Rock, Las Vegas it's near my aunt's place.

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WAAAAHHHH I love picspams and this one is so amazing!
My ichiban is Maru but I love Hina almost as much as him, and Hina/Baru is my absolute favorite Kanjani8 pair. I love those 2 together, its super cute ^^ The last picture is everything! No words needed XD
Thanks so much for preparing this for Suba-chanĀ“s bday, it was awesome. Im glad that those 2 found each other in life, their bond is something so beautiful and strong!
YAY for Hina/Baru!

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Awww...I had never seen them hold hands before. *hearts*

To think - at the very beginning, Hina did not like Suba-chan. I'm so glad they're now really great friends.

They are really an adorable pair and absolutely hilarious at times - especially when Suba-chan acts like a brat and starts saying and doing random, WTH things and Hina doesn't know whether to laugh or tsukkomi him (he usually ends up doing both). LOL!! :D

Thanks for sharing all these pics!!

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Subaru and Hina are my favourite K8 pair too. Thay look so cute together. Great picspam.

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*_* I love these guys. THanks so much for sharing!