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([personal profile] subaru Aug. 6th, 2006 02:14 pm)
This is now a feedback post.  Please post feedback here!

The first posts are posts from a sale though.  Feedback starts near the bottom.

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I received my manga today, August 18.

Seller had such a great deal and very good communication. I wasn't sure how the transaction would've turned out since he didn't have any feedback yet, but everything turned out great. Thank you!

^^;; My mom and sister got a bit freaked out when they saw the "subject to inspection" stamp on the shoe box it was sent in because I forgot to tell them about it. Parcel paper or bubble wrapped-envelopes around the item usually is safer-looking.

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Positive Feedback +++


I bought the Full Moon S. manga set. Shipped fast and friendly seller. A++ experience all around. Thanks.

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Shipping was much faster than expected, and item conditions were great! :D Very buyer friendly.

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Manga came very quickly and was in good condition! Thanks! :D