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([personal profile] subaru Mar. 30th, 2008 06:20 pm)
Waaaaaa I've spent like the last two days putting this entry together D:

My scanner really stinks so these scans are bad quality, but I don't believe that I've seen most of these and something is better than nothing, right?  You might noticed that I skipped some BAD and BADxBOYS scans, it's not because I don't like them but it's because I've seen them scanned somewhere much better than I could so I didn't bother to rescan them... I've seen a few of these elsewhere too but I was done so I figured I might as well post them all!

If you don't know anything about the Kansai Juniors check out my pathetic attempt at a pimp post, maybe it'll be helpful?

Myojo 3.2008

Con Report

Potato 2008.3

Wink Up 03.2008
Cover Boys

Kansai Juniors

<--- Heh did you notice that there's something wrong with this pic?  Ah but Wink Up loves our Kansai boys huh?

Potato 2008.04
Takada Sho x Nakayama Yuma

Kansai Juniors

Wink Up 2008.04
Junior stickers

Battery booklet

Well I'm looking forward to Battery!  Hehe Potato and Wink Up used the same Yuma X Sho photoshoot...
Junior Calendar off shoots

Kansai Juniors

Duet 2008.04
Kansai Juniors

Some how this photoshoot seems unfair :-/

That's it :D  If there's interest in Kansai Junior scans then in the future I'll try to scan them in a more timely manner.
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